WordPress Tutorials for Beginners
Enjoy the benefits of our WordPress tutorials

Why use our WordPress tutorials when youtube is free?

That is a good question and the answer is also quite simple.

Have you searched youtube for reviews or tutorials? How was the quality of the recording? Was it professional? We have noticed that the sound and video quality can act as a distraction from the learning process.

When we created our WordPress Tutorials our goal was excellent quality sound. Hence we asked for assistance from a sound engineer who helped us with our technique.

Secondly, although youtube has a lot of variety we also noticed that many people no longer appreciate the advertising in their videos. When you are learning you want a distraction-free environment.

With our videos lessons, we will teach you step by step how to become a WordPress Pro! In the end, it comes down simply too good teaching.

Wordpress tutorials for office personnel

WordPress tutorials for office personnel

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The Benefits of WordPress tutorials.

1. Experience

With 18 years in web development, we have been there and done that. Not only as a WordPress developer but as a programmer and webmaster we know the in’s and out’s of WordPress.

Which themes are the best to use for example? There are literally thousands to choose from. However, in our experience, we have noticed that purchasing a theme leads to many benefits.

  • You gain the support from the developer.
  • You get high-quality coding as they are invested in their software.
  • They provide templates for quick design.
  • Often you get free goodies such as plugins.

You must decide yourself when it comes to purchasing themes. But if the whole process of creation becomes faster and more professional maybe the investment will provide higher returns! Something to think about.

2. Aftersales Solutions WordPress Tutorials

When I create a website or webshop the first question I am asked on completion of the website is how do I create a blog? or how do I create a page? It is understandable that when you receive the keys to your new website you also would like to take it for a drive!

With this in mind, we created our WordPress Tutorials.

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge to create your own content on your shiny new website. You paid for it now you should be able to use it without the constant hassle of paying someone else to do the work.

Wordpress tutorials for businesswoman

WordPress tutorials for the office

Not only did we want to provide support to our clients but also to your clients! Are you a web design business? Do you provide WordPress solutions? How about using our WordPress tutorials as a way to support your clients? You can provide these tutorials in a packet deal or include it your pricing.

Actually, we include it in our total pricing so it is free for our clients for 1 year. A website is not only about the initial build but also about supporting your customers.

3. Members Q & A

As this benefit suggests we created a members question and answers forum.  It’s the least we can do to help you with your WordPress journey.

Need help in a certain area? Let our experts help you! Why? Because we have been their ourselves. We know what it is like when you are searching for answers. Send your question and we will answer a.s.a.p.

4. Your time is precious

Don’t waste your valuable time trying to work WordPress out when we can provide the answers within minutes. Lets us show you the right way to build websites.

Everyone is so busy these days. Especially in the Netherlands, we have noticed that many colleagues are doing 2 or 3 jobs because of downsizing within their companies. Well, wouldn’t it be easier if one of those jobs your WordPress website blogs and revisions were done by someone who can easily access the experience of a WordPress expert?

Your time is precious so let us show you how its done all you need to do is find the subject you want to learn click on it and then copy and paste what you learnt in the video lesson.

It’s that easy!

Wordpress Tutorials for professionals

WordPress tutorials for professionals

5. Quality sound

As we mentioned at the beginning of this page sound quality is essential to a pleasant learning environment. I have learned from many conventions that teaching is number 1 and sound is number 2. Because if the quality of the sound is compromised in some way it affects the teaching.

That is why we use RODE microphones with special equipment that helps provide clear quality sound to all our video lessons.

Then you can concentrate on your lessons with distraction. You know 90% of all students who take an online course don’t finish it.

  1. One of the reasons was sound quality believe it or not.
  2. Another reason was they found the teaching simply not good enough.
  3. And thirdly they had little support.

That is why we have invested in excellent recording equipment, good teaching and an excellent support line.

Our experience is now your experience!

6. Multilanguage WordPress Tutorials

When we began our new adventure we simply provided our videos in English with Dutch subtitles. However, we were asked if we could provide Dutch WordPress tutorials as some found it a bit distracting reading the subtitles and at the same time learning how to navigate WordPress in the video lesson.

Hence the creation of our Dutch version of our WordPress tutorials.

We understand that you want a distraction-free environment! That is why we have also Dutch spoken WordPress tutorials. You asked and we listened!

7. Lifetime membership

Better yet how about no more yearly fees. Pay onetime and that’s it. You have access to all our WordPress tutorials and all future content. Believe it or not, this is the most sold membership on WordPress Online Tutorials.

Our Dutch customers see the opportunity to save money in the future. I call that wise thinking.

8. Mobile ready WordPress tutorials

We know that you want 24/7 access to these WordPress tutorials. Therefore you can access them from any device including your mobile phone or tablet.

It’s the least we can do for your support.

Would you like to learn how to make your websites responsive? Join our WordPress basics tutorial now and learn how.