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Welcome to our WordPress Tutorial website. WordPress is easy and we have designed our courses and tutorials to help you to learn as quickly and effectively as possible to create professional websites.


We love WordPress!

WordPress is used by millions of businesses as their preferred CMS (Content Management System). Why is that? Well for one it is FREE. That is a good start and it is database driven often via MySQL. Whereas other CMS options can be quite pricy WordPress has become the website for small to large companies including companies like Disney.

So just how user-friendly is WordPress? Very! We want to help you succeed in your endeavours.

Our goal is quite easy. We want to make learning easy. 

  • Would you like to know how to effectively navigate the backend?
  • How to build a solid frontend?
  • How about learning the secrets to higher rankings?
  • How about building websites like a pro?
  • How about building a website just like this one?
  • How about building an online shop?

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WordPress Frontend
WordPress Tutorial 's

One of the major strengths of WordPress is that while constructing your website it automatically will adjust itself for tablets or mobile devices depending on which theme you have installed. The technical term for this is a responsive website, meaning it can adjust the content from desktop to mobile within seconds.


Lego for WordPress

An awesome tool to help us with responsive content is WordPress Bakery, It’s just like lego except in a digital format. WP Bakery formerly known as Visual Composer is like Lego for the backend of your WordPress website and it is truly awesome! When I started out with WordPress I had to learn what they called shortcodes. It was like the source code for WordPress.

WordPress Tutorial

Well, times have changed and now I build all my websites with WP Bakery. This is a visual method for building professional websites. You will never want to go back trust me. The result is that you get a slick frontend that is stable and responsive. It all starts with the code.

With nearly 5 million installs WP Bakery is a force to be reckoned with in WordPress creation. Soon you can also learn how to use this plugin via our WordPress Tutorial.

  • How do we create spacing between headings and images?
  • How do we create social media buttons?
  • How do we create fancy buttons?
  • How do we create CTA (calls to action)
  • How do we create a masonry media block?
  • How do we create banners?
  • How do we create tabs?
  • How do we create a counter?
  • How about a countdown effect?
  • How does the text block work?
  • How do I create a sidebar?
  • How can I add HTML?
  • How do I add a slider in my webpage?
  • How can I create footer?
WordPress Backend
How do we setup a WordPress website?

In this WordPress tutorial, we will discuss how to manage the backend of a WordPress website. We will help you manoeuvre your way through the backend so that editing content becomes second nature.


WordPress Tutorial on the Backend

Here are just a few of the highlights from the backend.

  • What are posts in WordPress?
  • How can we create and edit posts?
  • How can we create and edit pages in WordPress?
  • How can I get a professional effect with my rows?
  • How can I embed video and audio files?
  • How can we create a (CTA) call to action?
  • How do we create professional headings?
  • How do I install a new theme?
  • How does Guttenberg work?
  • How can I install plugins?
  • How do I add a new user?
  • How can I adjust the permissions of a user?
  • How can I provide security for my website?
  • How can I add photos to my website?
  • How do I create a menu?
  • How do I add and manage comments?
SEO Masterclass
A wordpress tutorial

The last few years we have provided training for many businesses on how to get higher rankings in search engines. However, it meant visiting their offices and then spending a day training the personnel. Not a problem but it meant good planning.


SEO WordPress Tutorial

About a year ago we were asked to look into providing video WordPress Tutorial ‘s for SEO training. Hence the idea to build an online training website that was available 24/7. Well after a lot of work we designed wponlinetutorials.com and isn’t she a little beauty.

Our SEO masterclass will explain what keywords are and why they are important. We will show you why keyword placement is essential to higher rankings and then last but not least we will build landing pages together that will lead to higher rankings.

Normally we asked €499,00 for this course however thanks to this new medium of training we have been able to bring our prices down to €29,95

  • What is SEO?
  • What are keywords and why are they important?
  • How does keyword planner work?
  • Why is SE Ranking software more precise?
  • Why is keyword placement necessary?
  • Where should I place my keywords on my webpage?
  • What is an SEO landing page?
  • How does Yoast SEO plugin help us with keywords?
  • How can I build an SEO landing page?

In these 16 video lessons, you will learn the secret to higher rankings. Although this course uses WordPress, these lessons can be used on any Content Management System. By the time you are finished with this WordPress tutorial, you will clearly understand how to gain higher rankings in Google & Bing through organic searches.