WordPress Tutorials

JOSHUA DE HEK - 02-01-2020
One of the world’s most used CMS (Content management systems) is WordPress! And we just love WordPress! By the time you have completed these wordpress tutorials, you will understand how to maintain and manage your WordPress website.

WordPress Tutorials

This website was designed to train you as quickly as possible in everything WordPress. Our WordPress tutorials such as “WordPress Basics I” are specifically designed for beginners and intermediate users and will teach you how to use the content and management screens found in the backend of WordPress.

By breaking down the elements within WordPress you will quickly learn the methods and process needed to create professional websites. That is why our WordPress tutorials have been made with you in mind.  We have kept our video lessons short and to the point and all our videos include an application to help you retain the most important points.

To help you get the most out of your WordPress website we start with the video lesson “Installing a theme” A theme is third-party software designed to help you create beautiful looking websites. Years ago we used to do it by coding however in our WordPress tutorials we will learn how to design through visual design. Basically it is digital lego! No coding here.

WordPress themes can be downloaded for free but we recommend that you invest in purchasing a theme for your WordPress website. You can find WordPress themes at themeforest. We only use themeforest themes because they are supported by excellent coders. Code is everything and even though we will step away from code in these video lessons a good programmer is essential to quality software.

WordPress Tutorials and Wordpress themes

WordPress Editors

The most of our customers want to learn as quickly as possible how to create a blog or how to add text or change text. This is all possible with the editors provided by WordPress such as the “WordPress Bakery editor.”

A editor is software created to allow you to add content to your WordPress website. WordPress just released Gutenberg which is a built-in editor, however it is still in the early stages.

Software such as WP Bakery, Beaver Builder and others have been around for years and these editors provide everything you need to create professional websites. They also allow you to install templates. Predefined content that has been created for use in your website.

We have WordPress tutorials that focus specifically on these editors and we will teach you how to use this software to create professional websites and webshops.

WordPress Content

Once you have learnt how to navigate WordPress, install themes,  plugins and use the WordPress editor the next phase is to learn how to implement content in your wesbite.

We recommend this video lesson, “Create a post” It will teach you what a post is and how to create posts for use in social media.

Posts are articles that you create about your products or services. In WordPress you can use an editor to create beautiful content that is easy to read. Now although this page isnt a post it has been designed to look like a post. So as you can see a professional look isnt hard when you know-how!

Another excellent video lesson that will help you create content is the video lesson, “Create a page” These WordPress tutorials will teach you how to create a page and also which settings are necessary such as sidebar options, footer options and page title options.

Once you have mastered these lessons you are ready to start implementing content into your post or page. Let the fun begin!

WordPress Tutorials especially designed to help you learn Wordpress

WordPress Photos & Media

As we just mentioned posts and pages are a great way to show your products and services to the rest of the world. However without great photos and media your website will lack the professionalism it deserves.

Sometimes all it takes is a few icons to set a heading apart. In this video lesson “Text & Photos” we will show you how to add media and text to your website.

Well that is alot of information to digest. The fact that we have short video lessons and that at anytime you can return to refresh your memory makes LIFETIME tutorials just that bit more awesome!

Wordpress tutorials especially created to get you quick results.

Author: Joshua de Hek
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Welcome to our WordPress tutorials

Our WordPress Tutorials are jam packed with short but constructive video lessons that will teach you webdesign within minutes! Are you ready?



We just love WordPress! In these WordPress tutorials you will understand how to maintain and manage your WordPress website!



In these WordPress tutorials we will concentrate on 2 specific editors! Gutenberg is the new kid on the block and Beaver Builder is one of the best content editors for WordPress.



We will teach you how to install and setup WooCommerce. We will then guide you through the general settings including payment gateways and testing your transactions.



We will learn how to create awesome menus with our HTML blocks and then we will learn how to create filters and headers for your webshop. We will then teach you how to use the Woodmart theme.



We are going to concentrate on the methods and processes behind Webdesign. This includes understanding template design, rows, transitions, header, and footer design to create websites.



We are going to concentrate on the methods and processes behind Webdesign. However we will now focus on the editors Beaver Builder & Gutenberg to help you create professional websites.



Now you can learn at your own pace. We are open 24/7 and with our Lifetime access memberships, you don't have to worry about time anymore. No monthly or yearly payments. We believe you should only pay once for your tutorial and then have lifetime access. Enjoy!