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Welcome to our WordPress tutorials.

When searching for tutorials many people type in Tutorials WordPress to find tutorials to help them learn how to navigate WordPress. Hence this page was created with that in mind. Our goal is simply to help you create fantastic content in WordPress.

It all starts with the basics. The dashboard. The dashboard is the landing page we land on when we login into the backend of WordPress. Our Tutorials WordPress will help you get a better understanding of the content and management screens in the backend.

Try a free video on the dashboard here.

Tutorials WordPress
WP tutorials wordpress

Tutorials WordPress

Before you start installing themes and plugins it best practise to set up your WordPress website.  This can be done by clicking on the left-hand admin menu and settings. Here you will find different screens to help set up your website for the goal that you have in mind.

If you would like help with the WordPress settings please click here for a free video lesson.

Installing plugins & Themes in tutorials WordPress

Once you have chosen your settings we want to start our tutorials WordPress. We have a WordPress tutorial especially for installing plugins and themes here.

Themes are third party software to help us create the look and feel of our website. Basically, it is a visual interface so that we don’t need to code all the CSS or cascading style sheets that are necessary when we set up our website for desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

In this way, we can easily adjust our headers, the menu, our links, the colours and many other options.

Many themes are free however our advice is to invest in purchasing a good theme. The code is often better and everything works as it should. If you want a professional website a small investment of 60 US  is not going to break the bank but it will give you pro results.

If you click here you can see which themes are for sale.

Which plugins are best?

When searching for tutorials WordPress you may have come across the term plugins. What are plugins exactly? Well like themes they are third party software to extend your WordPress website. maybe you need help with SEO then Yoast SEO plugin can help you with keyword placement.

Plugins also allow us to create other languages from our website or even to secure our website. They are essential to WordPress performance. However, be careful not to install too many. The more plugins you have the slower your website will become.

So the compromise with plugins is to achieve your goal without losing speed.

Often I pay for my plugins from professional companies allowing me to get pro results and they often provide support.

Tutorials WordPress!

Users in WordPress

So you have done your research you know which theme you are going to use and which plugins you want. How do you add a user and which role should they have? Well, we have tutorials WordPress on that subject. Click here to learn more in our tutorials WordPress.

Often the role a user will get is defined by what you want them to do and not to do. For example, the admin role will only be given to 1 or 2 users. They have full control over everything in your WordPress website from creation to deletion. So use this role sparingly.

However, should you have some in your company who creates content such as pages or even posts then the editor role will be sufficient!

Tutorials WordPress – Creating content

So the now that the foundation is laid we can finally start building content. There are two ways we can do that with the Gutenburg editor which was recently released in WordPress or you can invest in a plugin for editing your content.

I personally like to use WPbakery as my content editor but many also enjoy using beaver builder. The choice is yours!

Both these editors are drag and drop what makes it awesome for creating content.

Creating a Page or post

Now that you have your website up and running you want to create your first webpage. Sweet!  If you go to pages in your left-hand menu and “Add New” the title you give your page will also become the URL. Please keep in mind that if you are thinking about SEO from the get-go the keyword you use for that page needs to be in the title of the page and the URL.

So now you have a blank canvas now what? Usually one of the first steps I take is the sidebar do we want that on or off? Usually, for webpages, this remains off. The setting is found in the right-hand panel.

Then we need to know the footer options? Do we show the widget footer? And then I create the page margins.

Next, we can create our page header. Is it a slider? or is it a fancy title? All these options allow for hundreds of variations on our webpage.

When it comes to the content itself the best practice is to build in a row.

This gives our content form and allows us to have more control over what it does.

So are you ready to build content? We can help you with our tutorials WordPress video lessons which provide a step by step tutorial to teach you the best methods when it comes to creating content.

You can find our Tutorials WordPress Basics here.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and we hope that some of the suggestions found on this page will help you with the WordPress adventure!

The TKC Team