4. Theme options


Welcome to this lesson on the theme options.

As we explained in our previous lesson a theme is third party software that allows you to adjust the look and feel of your WordPress website. Now this is great news especially if you are new to Wordpress as it gives you the opportunity to design awesome websites without coding. 

Thanks to the theme options we can customize our website to create just about any configuration. 

Let’s have a look at an example of just how easy it is to create websites. We can access our theme options in our toolbar or the lefthand menu. If you click on theme options and then the tab [General Appearance] we are sent to the front end of our website. 

Notice to the left we have our options panel and to the right our public version of our website.  

Now what makes this so awesome is that this is a realtime interface that allows us to instantly see our adjustments when we configure WordPress. 

In the layout, section lets click on boxed and then save options. Do you see the change? In the toolbar lets click on hide options, do you see the change now? The website is no longer the full width of the browser. 

We can adjust the width here. 

In our options panel, we also have a section called [Color accent]. This effects all our hyperlinks and buttons. Let’s adjust it to gradient, click on save options and Instantly we have a new color for all our hyperlinks and buttons. Yup, it is that easy….

Okay, I think you are getting the hang of it but let’s try one more option. 

The top bar and header option. 

Let’s start with our layout. Let’s click on side and save options. We will hide the options panel to get the full effect! Notice the left-hand menu stays in place but our webpage still scrolls. I love this layout…..not often used but it looks great. 

As you can see we can just about configure everything in this website visually.

Now this real-time interface has another trick up its sleeve. How about real-time responsive designing? Yes it is possible. 

In the toolbar click on view and then tablet. Here we can interact with our website as if it were a tablet. 

How about a mobile? Click on mobile. Now we can see how the settings we have chosen in our theme and within WordPress react on different devices.

I think you understand why I love this theme! But trust me we have just scratched the surface of what is possible with this theme. We have a lot more to come so get ready to be impressed!


Okay, time for an application. 

The options panel allows us to configure the look and feel of our website without knowing a single line of code. This visual configuration is great for WordPress beginners and newbies and also makes life a little easier for us seasoned WordPress users. 

Let’s now go to export-import options. 

Before you update your theme always copy the encrypted text displayed here. It is the theme settings in an encrypted form. Most paid themes have an import/export function although it may slightly differ to the7 theme.

Why copy this text and create a backup? Well from experience I have had the theme reset all its settings with an update. If you haven't backed up your configurations you will lose everything and need to rebuild the look and feel of your website. 

However, If you saved this text all you need to do is paste it back into place and all your settings will return. 

Trust me if you have spent hours setting up your website this is a big deal. 

So now that you know how to configure the theme options. Try it out! Take it for a spin and see what it is capable of. 

In our next video lesson we will add a user to our WordPress website and we will also explain the tasks we can assign to specific users. 

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