3. Installing a theme


Welcome to this lesson on installing a Wordpress theme.

What is a theme?

A theme is third party software that allows you to easily customize the look of your WordPress website or web-shop. This software comes with preprogrammed settings and layouts. No coding necessary! And thanks to its visual interface all you need to do is choose a setting click on it and it will create it for you.

So with one click, we can customize our colors, links, fonts, buttons, headers and a whole lot more. The configurations are endless. 

However, before we can start creating content we need to first install the theme.

To find our themes screen click on Appearance in the left-hand admin menu and then choose the link themes in the submenu. In our themes screen, we have a few free themes from Wordpress. Now I already have a theme Installed in this Wordpress website so let's install another theme as the process is the same.

We will click on Add New.

In this screen, you can download free themes or upload a theme you have purchased. Let’s upload a theme. Here we can choose a zip file that we can upload to our themes folder. I am going to choose the Enfold theme. Once you have chosen your file we can click on install now. Wordpress will now install this theme.

When your theme is installed we need to activate it. Let’s click on activate! By activating it we make it the default theme in WordPress. Notice in the left-hand admin menu we have a new link. Enfold. From this screen, we can adjust the look and feel of our website.

As we will be using The7 theme in these tutorials lets reactivate this theme. We will do that by returning to Appearance and themes and activate. Now that the7 theme is reactivated notice the theme settings in the toolbar!

We have options such as branding, topbar and header, sidebar and many more. To be honest there are hundreds of combinations that give you the freedom to configure your website exactly as you want!

Now the reason I love this theme so much is that it comes with many free goodies that normally you would have to pay for such as WPbakery editor and much more. To be eligible for these plugins you need to add a license in your theme settings.

You can do that here in the left-hand admin menu, The7, and then click on the link My the7. Here we can enter our purchase code. The purchase code will be provided when you buy this theme at ThemeForest. 


Let's now make an application.

1. Firstly when you are installing a theme just let WordPress take its time installing the software. Sometimes it takes a while but just be patient.

If you refresh the page while it is installing it could cause the theme to crash or even cause Wordpress to crash.

Now that is easily fixed however it is important to know.

2. Secondly, regarding the themes themselves, there are thousands of themes and many that are free so which one is best?

Well in my experience I have found that paying for a plugin or a theme is the best option. The developers provide support and often the code is cleaner. A programmer is more invested in his code when he sells his themes.

I purchase my themes at themeforest.net and any of the top 10 will do. If you choose [web themes and templates] and then WordPress and [popular items] you can browse the themes that are for sale.

Now that you know what a theme is and how to install it we will briefly walk through some of the options in our theme the7. We will do that in our lesson theme options.

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