2. WordPress dashboard


Welcome to this lesson on the WordPress dashboard.

The WordPress dashboard is the landing page we are automatically sent to when we log in to the back-end of WordPress. The back-end is the term we use to explain the environment in WordPress where we create and manage content.

To login to the back-end of WordPress, we need to enter wp-admin to the end of our website domain name. Once you have done so you will find a page with a login form. When we enter our username and password and it is verified we are automatically sent to the Wordpress dashboard.

So what is the purpose of the dashboard?

Well, the dashboard is the control center or hub of our website. 

We can access everything from this screen. Notice the toolbar at the top of our browser? Whether we are in the back-end or front-end of our website we can always access this toolbar.

The toolbar has links that allow us to create content, access our theme options or interact with our plugins.

To the left, we have another menu.

The administration menu and it allows us to access screens in Wordpress. What is a screen? Basically the WordPress screens are pages that allow us to create and control various parts of our website.

As you can see all our links are associated with an icon. This is useful for identifying the purpose of the link. When we hover over the links we are provided with submenus. 

Don’t worry if it seems a little daunting in time it will become second nature.

What we really want to take from this lesson is that the toolbar and the lefthand admin menu are the 2 main ways we will navigate through the back-end of WordPress.

Another feature of the dashboard is that it provides us with information.

Notice that we have different boxes on this screen. How many pages does this website have? The box at a glance provides us with that information. We can even moderate our comments from this screen.

Notice this tab [Screen options] Here we can turn our boxes on or off and we can also arrange the boxes on the dashboard screen to our preferences.

Okay, now you know what the dashboard is and what it does let's make an application.


The dashboard is the central hub of your WordPress website. We can customize it to show information from either our content screens or our management screens.

We can also access other major parts of the back-end via the toolbar and the lefthand administration screens.

If you are new to Wordpress we would like to encourage you to always log out when you have finished working on your website in the backend.

This is especially important when you are working on a shared or public computer. If you don’t log out, someone may be able to access your account just by viewing the browser history and going back to your WordPress Dashboard.

You can protect your account by logging out when you are finished working. To be honest it is a good habit to get into. 

In our next lesson, we will explain what a Wordpress theme is and how to install it in WordPress.

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