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Lifetime Access Gold

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Welcome adventurer to our Gold Lifetime Access! Your journey will be filled with many lessons! From now on you will have access to ALL our video lessons on this website including all our future projects. Access for LIFE! Yup, you read that right. 1. WordPress Basics I & II 2. WooCommerce I & II 3. SEO Masterclass 4. WordPress Webdesign I & II 5. WordPress Plugins I Your journey is filled with wonder as you learn the true skills necessary to create amazing expressions of thought. We will go far beyond the basics! Your heart is truly that of an adventurer! Lifetime access to ALL our tutorials! ? Anywhere & Anytime. Time to grab a hot cuppa and let’s start learning! ☕

SEO Basics I

Let us help you reach the summit in Google and Bing! It seems everyone wants to be on page 1 or 2 in Google & Bing and it is possible when you understand the method and the process of how search engines work! It all has to do with keyword choice and keyword placement in your webpages. We have helped many companies gain page 1 rankings just by using the methods discussed in this tutorial. Herder, Votex, Conver, Precisionmakers, Ramm, Sportstarz Swimcamp, Dutch Power Company, and many more. Let us guide you through SEO. Your journey starts now! Lifetime access to our SEO Course ? Anywhere & Anytime. Grab your coffee and let’s get started. ☕