Joshua de Hek
Joshua de Hek

Owner of "The Kiwi Connection."

A true blue Kiwi born and raised in New Zealand and now living in the Netherlands with a little dutch girl. 18 years experience as a webdeveloper and WordPress Guru. 22 years experience as a teacher.

Mirjam de Hek

Financial Manager

I was born in Dordrecht and have lived 8 years in New Zealand. I look after the translations on this website and also take care of the financial side of things. And yes I love my job! Peter Kuipers
Peter Kuipers

Beta Tester Tutorials

I am a team player who is focused on people and therefore listens well, analyzes and cooperates. I help Josh as Beta tester and provide suggestions with this website. I have 30 years of experience as a teacher.

Terry Pool

Sound engineer

Yup, I am the sound guy keeping Josh in check. I also beta test this website and provide suggestions to Josh. With years of experience in sound engineering, I am able to use my qualities to bring this website to a higher level of professionalism.