We are an online training centre for WordPress beginners and professionals. With 25 years in webdesign we felt it was time to start training others.

The last 7 years we have provided in-house WordPress & SEO training for small to large companies. However it has meant travelling costs and a lot of time.

With this website we have been able to cut down our costs dramatically and our clients have 24/7 access. 🙂 This website was really built with you in mind. The same high quality training but for a margin of the costs! Awesome.

Please use the searchbar or click on the [Shop] menu to view the different tutorials currently available.

When you have chosen your tutorial then add to cart and purchase via one of our secure payment methods. You will then receive an email with your username &  password. When you click on [My Tutorials] you will see which tutorials you have access too. Click on the video lesson you want to learn and enjoy!

Video lessons can be accessed by clicking on [Browse Categories] and then your video lesson.

Dont forget the coffee! ☕

Yes we have Free video lessons so you can take it for a spin!

SEO tutorials: SEO Introduction
WordPress Tutiorials: WordPress Introduction

Many online training websites provide access to their video lessons via a monthly or yearly payment plan. We dont like recurring payments! Everyone says this is the way to go but we just dont like this model at WordPress Online Tutorials.

When we build large webshops I always purchase LIFETIME plugins. Why? Because for as long as that website is online I dont need to worry about recurring payments.

We want you to enjoy the same peace of mind! Pay once and then enjoy without the hassle of recurring payments! Nice 🙂

Many of our customers have already received their certification!

However to qualify you need to complete all your video lessons in a tutorial as well as the quizzes. We want you to enjoy the process of learning so we have kept our quizzes reasonably simple.

Once you have completed your tutorial and all the video lessons you will find your certificate of acheivement on the tutorial home page or on [My Tutorials].


Once you have completed your purchase and we have received your payment you will gain LIFETIME access to your tutorial or tutorials.

This means that you have 24/7 access to the tutorial of your choice or if you purchased a Gold membership you will have access anytime and anywhere to ALL our video lessons!

Its that easy! 🙂

When you purchase a tutorial or tutorials you will receive a order email with confirmation of your payment and all the necessary information. In this email you will find your invoice.

You can also find your Invoice in your dashboard account and then orders.

Click on invoice and you can download it or print it out.

Yes you can easily and securely pay with iDeal!

Yes we support ApplePay! Enjoy 🙂

Mollie is a licensed business specializing in processing online payments on behalf of merchants (e.g. webshop owners). We ensure that your money is safely transferred from your bank to the webshop.

Because they take control of the payment processing for webshops, you sometimes see Mollie or Stg Mollie Payments on your bank statement.